Jaipur- The Revolution


The first time I went there, I was spellbound by its beauty. It is very difficult for a city to impress and leave an unforgettable experience on people’s mind in the very first glance and Jaipur, the capital of the largest state in India definitely surpasses that. My first visit there fifteen years ago can be summed up in two words : Royal Beauty. But watching the community shape up in the last decade and a half, Jaipur has successfully got itself a position in the ‘Golden Triangle’.

Referred also as the pink city  due to its gorgeous cupcake frosting coloured buildings, Jaipur initially attracted mass tourists owing to its forts and palaces. I remember going for a traditional elephant ride from one fort to another. But, soon the city became a hub for culture as well as for business. In my next visit after two years, I witnessed mushrooming shops of pure silver jewellery and precious gem stone processing units with the most skilled craftsmen working for them. I remember my mother buying my first pair of pure silver payal (Indian anklet) for me from one of those shops. The never-seen before meenakari works, which is filling jewellery with color became increasingly popular in all cultures worldwide. Before I even knew the people commenced coming to Jaipur in order to buy their raw materials for jewellery and textile business, giving a rise to the export market in Jaipur. Owing to cheap labour costs, mass production of camel leather wear in a town called Bagru became the speciality of the Jaipur.  During 2009, the beautiful block printing, vegetable dyes for cotton, tussar etc, handmade cloth material called bandhani (tie and dye) attracted me to the city for the third time. With major Bollywood stars making a fashion statement in India, jaipuri prints became a worldwide fashion.


As you can see, In less than a couple years, it was the no more the stereotypical elephants or the forts attracting and  promoting tourism but, a lot of the deep embedded culture, food, music, business etc became instrumental in making Jaipur today a cosmopolitan hub. Owing to its royal historic pasts, the infamous ten course meals were something every foreigner definitely tried before leaving the city.  Soon, there were designer hotels showcasing and promoting their rich culture and hoisting royal weddings for big Hollywood celebrities. The fashion outburst of henna went on a drum roll, making it a famous form of temporary tattoo worldwide.


Therefore, I feel extremely lucky to have witnessed one of the biggest transformations in community and tourism boom of Indian history in a decade.


About Ipshita

I am a high schooler from New Delhi, India. I have been interested in culinary arts since I was seven years old. I was always given a notion that cooking or rather baking is the hardest thing to do. Then one fine day I was switching channels on my television and I came across Nigella Lawson’s shows. It suddenly struck me how incredibly fun cooking can be. So, the first thing I ever made in my life was a huge pineapple cake with promegante icing. It was a complete success. I then slowly spread my avenues of baking and cooking. I think cooking is an incredible way to relax yourself. Till date, anytime I am tensed before an exam, I just simply go to the kitchen- get the eggs, flour and sugar and there goes my flirting ! I think it’s really important to be able to love what you do. Even if it’s sweeping the floor. I was always told me how important it is for a model to seduce the camera during a photo shoot. I then realized it is equally important to be in a relationship with your food when you cook it. Food has the ultimate power to join the breaking hearts. This blog is all about my interpretation of food. You will find a lot of posts on different recipes and my experiences with different cuisines tried at different places or countries. I hope you like this blog. Do leave in your views and suggestions.
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