Health Freak Granola Muffins


My best friend is flying down from Germany to spend my last summer before college with me, tonight and I can’t help but emerge out of my lazy mode into a domestic goddess mode. ( I have been told by someone that the name ‘domestic goddess’ befits me a lot. So I’m going to believe that and smirk about it everytime I see this term)

Coming to the point. No, it hadn’t been a while since I last baked. But I wasn’t champ enough to blog it. If you look into my laptop, you will find a couple hundred of pictures of the food I’ve made that were never blogged. I’m not very proud of myself of having done that, but then I’m trying to change this habit.

I mean laziness has penetrated into my body so much that I didn’t even make an effort to take this picture with the beautiful expensive DSLR my father gifted me. So please bear with me this last time for the disappointing quality. I will make a conscious effort to give you better quality next time. Until then, these healthy and absolutely yummy muffins.

These muffins are crazy healthy and the thing about these muffins are that they can only be eaten for breakfast. I can eat them for lunch and for snacks. They are incredibly easy to make. You can either make your own muesli, for while I will post a recipe soon or you could also use store bought packs.

First take about 225 gms of all purpose plain flour. Add a pinch of salt followed by half teaspoon of baking powder and a one teaspoon of baking soda. In a blender, add one whole egg, about 50 grams of sugar, 80 ml of Olive Oil and some buttermilk. Now you can either buy store bought buttermilk but I find making it at home a better solution to it.

You just need to have half cup of yogurt and add a lot of water to it until its super thin in consistency. Blend it away until you get a lot of foam. Then skim away the foam and use 250 ml of it in the egg and the sugar mixture. Blend this mixture for five minutes and then pour it over the dry ingredients. Combine it well. Now add 2 tsps of vanilla essence. Add about 50-60 grams of granola or muesli to it. You may add more if you desire.

Now the mixture will not be runny. It will be a bit thick. Using your ice cream scoop, fill the cupcake ramekins with the batter. Bake it in a preheated oven at 200 Celsius for 20 minutes or until the muffins are golden and cooked through. And then, Bon appetite.



About Ipshita

I am a high schooler from New Delhi, India. I have been interested in culinary arts since I was seven years old. I was always given a notion that cooking or rather baking is the hardest thing to do. Then one fine day I was switching channels on my television and I came across Nigella Lawson’s shows. It suddenly struck me how incredibly fun cooking can be. So, the first thing I ever made in my life was a huge pineapple cake with promegante icing. It was a complete success. I then slowly spread my avenues of baking and cooking. I think cooking is an incredible way to relax yourself. Till date, anytime I am tensed before an exam, I just simply go to the kitchen- get the eggs, flour and sugar and there goes my flirting ! I think it’s really important to be able to love what you do. Even if it’s sweeping the floor. I was always told me how important it is for a model to seduce the camera during a photo shoot. I then realized it is equally important to be in a relationship with your food when you cook it. Food has the ultimate power to join the breaking hearts. This blog is all about my interpretation of food. You will find a lot of posts on different recipes and my experiences with different cuisines tried at different places or countries. I hope you like this blog. Do leave in your views and suggestions.
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