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Shrimp Ceviche

  Ceviche is one of the most delicious things I have ever cooked in less than fifteen minutes. Well, I exaggerated. It’s not even fifteen minutes, it’s eight minutes at max.  I had been accustomed to Mexican cuisine from the day … Continue reading

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Coffee Liqueur and Oreo Drizzle Cake

  A coffee liqueur cake always reminds me of Christmas. With the holiday season in, you need something warm and hearty rather than just pale fruity chocolate cake. So, with coffee liqueur in hand, this cake takes brandy cakes to … Continue reading

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Stuffed Chicken with White Wine Reduction

Stuffed chicken is something everyone tries to escape. But, let me tell you, it’s one of the easiest things I have ever had to make. So, I won’t write an elaborate description to this recipe, but straight away get on … Continue reading

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Spanish Lobster Brandy Stew

  The first time I went to Spain, I stayed at my mother’s friend’s place. They stayed in Madrid and they often took us around to eat Spanish cuisine. We went to Plaza de Mayor one day where we wished … Continue reading

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Southern Fried Chicken

You and I, we both know how much power fried chicken has, to deviate us from our diet. We all love juicy south style fried chicken. But, why go to a restaurant, when making one is incredibly easy. So, this … Continue reading

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Winter Garlic Baguette

    There is nothing like the smell of freshly roasted garlic coming from  a pot of heavy chicken or bacon during winters. Every time I think of garlic, it reminds me of the comfortness and the unconditional warmth you … Continue reading

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The Palatable Parmesan

This summer when I went to Cambridge for my Summer School at Harvard, there was this one restaurant which remarkably struck my senses the moment I entered into the place. Located in the interiors of the Mount Auburn Street at Cambridge, Massachusetts; Daedalus, is one of … Continue reading

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