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Vietnamese Shrimp Rolls

I promised you summer food right in the beginning of this summer, and here I am living up to my promise. It’s almost 45 degree plus here in New Delhi right now and trust me, hot sumptuous meal is something definitely never on my … Continue reading

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Scottish Liqueur, Chocolate and Cheese Croissant Pudding

  So, I was flipping through the YouTube videos of Masterchef when I came across Callum Hann’s Croissant Pudding and decided that it was time to forget my ballet classes and the pressure of getting into a bikini a week … Continue reading

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Watermelon And Shrimp Summer Salad w/White Wine Dressing.

After that desperate week to eat something serene to beat the 47 degrees in New Delhi, I finally made my version of the greek summer salad. There are times when you just don’t want any carbs or anything cooked per … Continue reading

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Ice Princess

We all know how important it is to ice/frost a cupcake. As we all know that the only thing separating a muffin from a cupcake is the presence of frosting on it. The deciding factor between any two competitive cupcake … Continue reading

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Abfahren vom Kratzer ~ The Berlin

It was a beautiful spring. Whoever said “Paris is always Paris and Berlin is never Berlin!”  was absolutely correct. I spent roughly fifteen days in Berlin for my conference and a series of dance performance. There were numerous encounters with the … Continue reading

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